Real User Monitoring(RUM)

Anil Verma
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Tracks and measures the end user experience in an application, including App performance, and how long API calls taking time.
it provides actionable, data-driven details to improve website’s end user experience.

APM (Application Performance Monitoring/ Real user monitoring tool)—

it helps in getting insights of web application performance with the help of multiple monitoring capabilities

  1. Real Time Visibility — quick summary of how your website is performing in real-time by keeping track of key metrics such as Response Time, Page load time, Page Views, throughput
  2. User Experience Across Geographies — Visualize how website is performing across countries on world map. it helps in quickly identifying locations where users are affected with website performance by analysing response time, error count, and throughput.
  1. Detect sluggish transactions in no-time -have a close eyes on the number of page views for website as well as the errors obtained for individual transactions to identify any potential issues.
  2. Track user sessions- Get the number of user sessions that have connected to website. Also get status of each session to determine the duration and quality of user sessions established.
  3. Detect script errors-Identify JS errors that are impacting website’s performance in real time.

Monitoring solutions such as New Relic come with built-in dashboards. We can also build our own custom dashboards based on the metrics that matters most to us.
other tools — AppDynamics Browser RUM, Retrace, Datadog

How real user monitoring works

Real user monitoring works by injecting code into an application to capture metrics while the application is in use. Client side applications are monitored by injecting Javascript code.

Native mobile applications are monitored by adding the monitoring library directly to your mobile application package.



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